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Bentley Azure


The Bentley Azure was first launched in 1995 and originally was based on the continental R which continued production until a revised model based on the Arnage platform was launched in 2006.

Bentley’s first generation Azure was powered by a 6.75 litre V8 single Turbo charged engine which was replaced with the arrival of the 2006 facelift model with a twin turbo charged V8 as seen in a number of the current Bentley models. With a top speed of around 168 mph and a 0 to 60 time of 5.6 second the Bentley Azure is a awesome open top 2 door grand tourer.

The powered roof on this Bentley convertible is a joy, sale get caught out in the rain is not a problem as all you need to do is slowdown to less than 20 mph and in under 26 second the roof will lock itself into place and your passengers would be none the wiser that you left home in a drop head.

The Azure interior can be customised by the customer from a range of different woods and leathers so it is possible to configure a unique car however the favourite combination remains as light leather and dark walnut wood.

As Bentleys flagship convertible the Azure has a hefty price tag of £240,000 plus extras so the fact that you will get as little as 15mpg and the tag of least fuel efficient car in range will probably not deter you from part with your ¼ of a million pounds.

bentley azure interior

Bentley Arnage R

Bentley Arnage R

width=”440″ Bentley Arnage R

The Bentley Arnage R is a full size luxury 4 door car, this model being the R which stands for refinement which is exactly what the Bentley Arnage R is all about with its handcrafted interior of soft leather and wood veneers contrast against the chrome brightware controls.

The Arnage R is a big car at over 5 meters long, 1.9 meters wide and weighs a solid 2.5 tonnes, but despite the weight this Bentley is able to get to 60 mph from standstill in around 5.2 seconds. To achieve this, the Arnage has under the bonnet a V8 6.75 litre twin-turbocharged power plant mated with a 6 speed ZF transmission which is similar to the ZF used in the Continental range.

Since the first launch of the Arnage range in 1998 there have been a number of model changes and enhancements include a red and green label, Arnage R, Arnage RL and Arnage T there is even a armoured version available known as the B6.

In 2006 Bentley built a limited addition Diamond Series Arnage of which only 60 were built with diamond wood inlays, diamond quilted leather seats, Union Jack badges set on the front wings a polished stainless steel bumper and a specially produced set of 19 inch wheels.

Sometime in 2009 Bentley will cease production of the Arnage and to celebrate Bentley have produced a limited edition Arnage Final which will utilise the Arnage T power train with a new set of 20 inch wheels and an interior designed by Mulliner, only 150 of these vehicles will be produced.

Bentley Continental GT

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The 2 door Bentley Continental GT was first introduced in 2003 replacing the marks previous grand touring coupés, recipe the Continental R and Continental T, continuing the Bentley tradition of hand made luxury.

The current Continental GT is powered by a twin-turbocharged W12 6.0 Litre engine delivering 552 horse power and capable of a top speed of up to 198 mph. This awesome power is fed through a 6 speed auto transmission driving a four wheel drive system enabling a sure footed handling.

Bentley’s owners, the Volkswagen Group continue to build the Continental GT in the Bentley home town of crew using their D1 platform sharing many parts with their own Phaeton.